re:sorb vj crew was established in early 2003.
the four young people now also known as re:sorb first met in late 2001.
everyday activity of re:sorb members takes place at the university of bremen and at the university of the arts, bremen (germany).
re:sorb is a unit of computer science and multimedia design.

we generate various content: graphics, animation and video loops.
we arrange and set up display and projection devices.
we trigger, mix and manipulate content using extensive expensive technology.
we have up to five people operating simultaneously.
we profit from shared professional experience and cooperation.
we do all that in real time and on the beat.

isaac aVimoV is the energetic core of this association. his strong will to activate the photonic power and perform mind-blowing live shows drives re:sorb as a whole.
his favorite sonic waves are generated by goa and psytrance.

Lucky Loop is in deep love with devices from the analog age and started out as a vinyl dj. he operates the re:sorb hardware setup and delivers awesome live video mixes with a true feeling for the rhythm.
his musical roots are somewhere between trippy breakbeats, reggae, dub, and of course: good ol´ punkrock.

Marshall MacLumen is engaged in research and development. he hybridizes graphical creations and video footage with the finger on the trigger and a pocket full of algorithms.
crunchy low fidelity breakbeats preferred, when it comes to music.

fiMo is the aesthetic conscience of re:sorb vj crew. with severe style awareness she provides authentic high quality video footage and mixes it up in the most sensible way.
she is into frigorific music as well, and you will recognize this if you witness her performance.

Pit provides active support, photo documentations, not to forget the munich style ´fuckuall´ stickers. his stereo system is always on.
maybe that´s why he never talks of ´music´, but speaks of ´sound´ instead.

two pc laptops
apple g4 powerbook
usb 2.0 harddisk drives
midi keyboard/controller
live dv camera / wireless transmission
edirol v4 video mixer
oldschool color correctors
preview lcds
video projector

we can provide contact with a reliable rental service in bremen.
powerful projectors and large fastfold screens make our work look as it should.


dj itchy (bremen)
dj plasma (hannover)
dualsystem (bremen)
fmmf (berlin)
frieder nake (bremen)
getup music (hamburg)
john hopkins (iceland)
mark amerika (usa)
martin koplin (bremen)
nordlichter visuals (bremen)
pentatones (everywhere)
timeless turntables (bremen/hamburg)
tranceanimation (hamburg)
vip: view is projection (bremen)


agis: graphics and interactive systems computer science group (bremen)
antifunk records (bremen)
coinn: computers and innovation institute, now called ´syn´ (bremen)
mäding veranstaltungstechnik (bremen)
quartier e.v. (bremen)
team orange (bremen)
university of the arts / hfk (bremen)
zoom / flow service (bremen)

thankuall . . !